Inspire. Discover. Become.

Situated in the vibrant heart of Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, Park Street School provides a continuous, integrated and experiential education for children Toddler through Grade 6.

Educating Children Toddler Through Grade 6

Discover and Explore

Our students make connections as they explore, discover and create in vibrant learning spaces and with innovative tools.

Educating Children Toddler Through Grade 6

Feed Their Curiosity

Our robust academics feed students’ innate curiosity, building strong foundations of knowledge in the early years – an approach that inspires inquiry and life-long learning.

Educating Children Toddler Through Grade 6

Nurtured and Loved

More than individualized attention – students are known and loved by PSS faculty and staff who want each child to grow academically, socially/emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Educating Children Toddler Through Grade 6

Growing Character

We grow in confidence, compassion and empathy. We learn of God’s love for us, show respect for others, take risks in an affirming setting and learn how to live lives of generosity – together.

Educating Children Toddler Through Grade 6

Active Learners

Students actively participate in “out of the chair” activities and are enriched by creative hands-on experiences and cross-curricular integration.

Educating Children Toddler Through Grade 6

Prepared for the Future

Our students are equipped to become global citizens, armed with a strong academic foundation, confidence, compassion, and collaborative and critical thinking skills.

Educating Children Toddler Through Grade 6

INSPIRING students to DISCOVER who they can BECOME
An Education for All

Park Street School seeks to unite children of diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds from Greater Boston within a nurturing school of the highest academic standards. Through an engaging, content-rich curriculum, we strive to empower and equip each child with a love of learning, a passion for truth, a heart for others and an understanding of God’s love and grace for us in Jesus Christ.

How We Help Children Succeed

Our robust content-rich, skill-building curriculum is grounded in a Core Knowledge philosophy and spirals through the grades. Our teachers are passionate, creative educators who are deeply committed to the success of each student. Together, these irreplaceable elements act as a catalyst for lifelong learning, achievement and personal growth.

Ultimately, we believe in creating a learning environment where children are understood, loved and encouraged to discover and develop their own voices.

Character Education

We believe each child is uniquely created by God. We strive to educate the whole child, nurturing each of our students development as an intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual being.

Our Christian foundation affirms each of our student’s intrinsic worth, points them to truth, shows them how to respect others, make courageous choices and live lives of compassion integrity and generosity.

We hold that the measure of achievement is more than grades; it is the kind of person you become.

Explore Park Street School
Our Preschool and Elementary schools offer excellent academic programs that emphasize Christian values to families in downtown Boston and neighboring communities.
Children aged 2 to 5 experience joy, wonder and learning via integrated hands-on lessons, activities and purposeful play.
Elementary School
Elementary School
Provides an integrated, engaging and content-rich curriculum to children in grades Kindergarten through Grade 6.
Growing Leaders
Growing Leaders
Students develop confidence and leadership skills through special service projects, public speaking and more.
after school
after school
We provide additional afternoon enrichment programs for all grades.
From the school gym to nearby parks and gardens, students participate in organized sports during and after school.
Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular Activities
Students are encouraged to participate in seasonal sports, musical instruction, drama and other activities.
Learn About Our Enrollment Process

Park Street School is an extraordinary community of Toddler through Grade 6 students, educators, parents and staff. By enrolling your children, you are ensuring they will learn and develop the critical and creative thinking skills, strong work ethic, social skills, spirituality and confidence they need throughout their lifetime.

Key Dates
of our graduates attend Boston's top independent and exam schools.
Average student teacher ratio for elementary school, 6:1 preschool.
of our families live within 1.5 miles of the school.
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