Explore Park Street School

At Park Street School, knowledge is shared, built upon, and deepened in future grades. We are active, often “out of the chair” learners who are always building, creating, and collaborating. Our teachers are passionate educators who help students develop critical thinking skills necessary for lifelong learning. Our facilities are bright and spacious. Our Beacon Hill location makes Boston an extension of our classrooms. We integrate subjects — music and science, art and math, physical education and history — so our students make deeper connections. We strive to create an environment and program that sees each student develop character, poise, and confidence. Each of these elements and more make the Park Street School experience unique.


Deepening Connections Across Subjects

We weave drama, music, and art into the fabric of lessons.
We incorporate design learning into units as we build, collaborate, and realize.
We grow as we compare God's ideas of how to treat others with the choices people have made in history.
Becoming Persons of Character
Alongside math and science, we learn to respect others, to think before acting, to show compassion, and to reach out beyond ourselves.
We are encouraged to take risks and try new things.
We learn from the lives of those we read about in the Bible and are encouraged to show kindness, empathy, respect, and integrity with our friends and family.

We Design, Build, and Collaborate!

Developing Poise, Confidence, and Resilience!


Poised for Speaking!

From the age of two, we have age-appropriate opportunities to build confidence and speak in public.

Performing for Others

In addition to developing confidence by speaking publicly, we sing, act, and perform many times a year with our classes.

Mentoring Others

From designing games for kindergartners or figuring out how to teach science to first graders, our older students have the opportunity to mentor younger students. We develop lots of resilience and perseverance along the way.

Boston is Our Classroom!

Our Learning Spaces Regularly Extend Beyond Our Walls