Making Connections in the City

Fueled with great imagination, we take full advantage of our Beacon Hill location. From Preschool to Grade 6, we regularly explore Boston’s educational and cultural sites to enhance and create learning opportunities. For example, when studying about water, we visit a Boston filtration plant, when studying about ancient Greece in Grade 6, we visit the Museum of Fine Arts, and when learning about the Revolutionary War in first grade, we visit Paul Revere’s home.


Our Learning Spaces Are Limitless

Museum of Fine Arts

A quick ride on Boston’s “T” transports us to the world of Ancient Egypt at the MFA to see firsthand the pharaoh’s mask we’ve been designing in class.

Boston Fire Department

We visit the Boston Fire Department on Cambridge Street in Toddler Transition to see our Community Helpers in action.

Boston Public Library

An afternoon walk for third graders to the Boston Public Library provides glimpses of classical architecture when we study Rome and its structures.

Boston's Children Hospital

Grade 4 students visit the Lung Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital during our unit on Circulatory and Respiratory Systems.

Marine Science Center

Grade 6 students visit the Northeastern University Marine Science Center in Nahant to collect field research in tidal pools.

Boston Composting Center

Second graders explore the Boston Composting Center to see what simple machines are used to recycle trash.

What Our Parents Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Do children take field trips?
Yes. We love field trips! Starting with our Toddler classes, we venture out into Boston to explore and learn. In order to take advantage of the rich cultural, historical, and educational opportunities of Boston and the surrounding areas, several field trips are scheduled during the school year. Our youngest learners visit the Cambridge Street Fire Station to meet some of our Community Helpers, stop in at the post office to see how letters get from one place to another, or walk to the "T" as we explore different types of transportation. Our older students visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Lung Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital, Symphony Hall, the Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library, the Japanese House at the Children's Museum, or even the monuments that are steps away in the Boston Common and Public Garden. There are simply too many outings to list! We invite you to imagine the many ways Boston is our largest classroom.
Do children go outside during school?
At the Preschool, since most students are only here until noon, we utilize the gymnasium daily to foster development of various large motor skills. As weather and time permits, our children also play and explore in the Boston Common and Public Garden. At the Elementary School, in good weather, teachers might choose to take students out to the Public Garden for snack time or during reading time. See Recess for additional information.