Our Cora (currently a fifth-grader) was born with an underdeveloped left hand. As her Pre-K teacher told the story…one day the students were making handprints with paint while Cora hung back watching from a distance. Scanning the room, the teacher realized Cora hadn’t gone and called her over. She saw the hesitation in her eyes but noted her courage when Cora chose to imprint her “different” hand. Surprised by Cora’s choice, the class gathered around silently, waiting to see what her unique imprint would look like on their banner. As she lifted her little hand, one student started clapping, and then the entire class burst into applause. The teacher’s eyes filled with tears as a smile broke across Cora’s face. These young students had demonstrated their love and acceptance totally unprompted!

Seven years later, Cora is in class with many of the same friends and we treasure the relationships that have strengthened and supported her. PSS fosters an environment of love! Teachers, staff and administrators model it every day in the way they make each student feel seen and deeply known. We couldn’t ask for more in a school and are so grateful for a community that has nurtured our daughter’s self-image and confidence.

— Amy Murgatroyd, mom to Brenna (2020 graduate) and Cora (fifth grade)

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