My husband and I had our first daughter after 15 years of marriage. She was (and still is) our joy, our amazing gift from God and our treasured possession. We spent the toddler years marveling at her personality, qualities and tremendous love for learning. When it was time for Kindergarten, both of us were nervous. Though we live in a town that prides itself of one of the greatest public schools in the country, we hesitated. Yes, we did appreciate good education, but our daughter needed more than that. She needed to continue to grow in a loving environment that would reinforce our Christian values and one that would value her as a unique person created by God in His image.

Some of our friends told us about Park Street School (PSS). They talked highly about the school and how their kids loved going there. When we attended the Open House, we were tremendously impressed with the people we met, the great facilities, the explanation of the curriculum and the public speaking qualities of the sixth graders and their presentations. But most of all, we knew our daughter belonged at PSS when the Director mentioned the value of each child and how they see each one as uniquely created by God.

We live in the suburbs, 12 miles away from Boston. This fall will be our fifth year at Park Street School and never once have we wondered why we do the commute. Our children deserve the best Christian education and truly, Park Street School has exceeded our expectations. Our daughter absolutely loves school and this past year we have been happy to see our other daughter join the school. Just like her sister, she has grown so much in knowledge, as well as spiritually and emotionally. We consider Park Street School a true blessing and cannot imagine our kids going to any other school.


— Bianca Oglice

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