Our Mission

Strategically located in historic Beacon Hill, Park Street School is a neighborhood school that seeks to unite children of diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds from Greater Boston in a nurturing school of the highest academic standards. Through an engaging, content-rich curriculum, we strive to empower and equip each child with a love of learning, a passion for truth, a heart for others, and an understanding of God’s love and grace for us in Jesus Christ.


Core Values

At our core, we believe each child is a unique person created by God. It’s our privilege to work alongside parents to build a fundamental framework for their children. Our community is a place where children are loved – and know they are loved. In this caring environment, our children encounter a wealth of experiences and acquire knowledge that will help them reach the potential of who God has made them to be. At Park Street School, we are committed to providing a high-quality education with values – as expressed in our school’s crest – of “character, truth and excellence.”


A Foundational Experience

With any building, its foundation – the structure and the materials poured into it – is crucial. The same can be said of the education of children. Pouring love, acceptance and knowledge into our students develops a strong framework for life.

At an early age, children are innately inquisitive and inherently receptive. They love to learn. Thus, Park Street School is grounded in a content-rich education. Acquiring a significant body of knowledge early is an indispensable prerequisite for developing critical thinking skills. Here at our school, from the moment children walk through our doors, they encounter many topics which are revisited and expanded on in subsequent grades in order to broaden their base of working knowledge. Central to the Park Street School experience is how the students engage in active learning in varied, innovative ways.

Each child’s formation of character is equally significant. To respect his or her peers, to think before acting, to show compassion and generosity, to reveal fortitude in making right choices and to reach beyond him- or herself are key. Woven into our daily schedules are opportunities for our students to grow on many levels – academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Secure in a sense of community both within the classroom as well as in our immediate neighborhood and city, we want each of our children to realize that his or her contribution to the world matters. Engaging in our culture and world, we seize the opportunity to lead our children out to explore the city of Boston both as our classroom and our playground.


History of Park Street School

Meet the Park Street School Faculty

Park Street School’s staff and faculty bring broad experience and professional expertise to their roles. Nurturing and exceptionally talented, each team member is dedicated to seeing every child thrive and become the person he or she is meant to be.