A Place to Serve

Park Street School would not exist without our fabulous parents! From the very beginning, parents have generously given tremendous numbers of hours, energy, and resources to support the growth and development of our school. In the fall of 2010, our partnership with our parents was formalized with the launching of the Park Street School Parent Association (PA).

Parents are welcome to and encouraged to volunteer at Park Street School. Volunteer opportunities range from being committee leads who oversee particular events to spending several hours a week on an ongoing basis or just a few hours on a project. There is something for everyone who is interested in getting involved with supporting our school.


The PA’s purpose is to support the stated mission and core values of Park Street School on behalf of its parents. The PA works hard to promote a sense of community, helps to organize school-wide events in partnership with the administration, and serves as a communication channel between parents, administration, and faculty.

Park Street School’s PA Officers consist of a president and vice president at our Preschool, a vice president at our Elementary School, a secretary, and a treasurer.


Learn About Our Community


Park Street School is a family in every sense of the word.


We are proud of our alumni and what they accomplish.

Staff and Faculty

Park Street School's staff and faculty bring broad experience and professional expertise to their roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your students live?
Fifty percent of our families live within a mile of the school, while seventy-five percent live within one and a half miles of the school. Most families come from the downtown neighborhoods of Beacon Hill, South End, Back Bay, North End, Charlestown, West End, Midtown, Chinatown, and the Leather District, while others come from surrounding neighborhoods/communities.
How do I find out what's going on in my child's class or in the larger school community?
Parents can access information instantly about their child(ren)’s classroom activities, schedule, and plans through our Park Street School Parent Portal, which also provides access to family contact information and is where parents can update emergency contacts or the list of individuals allowed to pick up their child(ren). In addition to class specific information, all school events, notices, weekly newsletters from classroom teachers, monthly newsletters from specials teachers, Parent Association news and minutes, directory listings, school calendars, and photos live on the secure Parent Portal. In the higher grades at the Elementary School, parents can also see students’ homework assignments and test dates on the Parent Portal. In addition, we host numerous informational events for families throughout the year and send out Schoolroom Notes, our bi-annual all school newsletter, and our annual report.
Does the school have a Parent Association?
Yes. Our school has a Parent Association (PA). The PA’s purpose is to support the stated mission and core values of Park Street School on behalf of its parents. The PA meets three mornings throughout the school year, and hosts one evening event with a speaker for all parents. The PA officers and committee co-chairs work hard to promote a sense of community, help to serve as a communication tool between parents and the school’s administration and faculty, and assist with organizing school-wide events.
Is parental involvement encouraged at Park Street School?
Yes. The role of parents in a child’s development is both recognized and valued at Park Street School. We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education. They are welcome to visit and participate in the classroom, to chaperone field trips, help plan class parties, assist with Open Houses, participate in parent-teacher conferences, serve on various committees, and help with special events. Each class has an appointed classroom parent who assists with coordinating various school events and activities.