Our Application Process

Park Street School welcomes the opportunity to share with families the wonderful and rich academic experience available to you and your children. We offer a continuous, integrated educational program for students, Toddler – Grade 6. Visiting our school is the best way to see and understand our program as well as envision it enriching the life of your child. We invite you to join us for one of our Fall Open Houses, as well as take an individualized tour with a member of our Admissions Department.

We seek to admit students from a variety of backgrounds and families who will add richness and diversity to our community. Although the majority of our families live in downtown Boston communities, a small percentage comes from surrounding communities. Because we believe that parents play the most important role in educating their children, we desire to serve families who have a strong interest in becoming involved and investing in their children’s school.


Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Download the relevant checklist: Preschool checklist or Elementary checklist.
  • Visit during an Open House.
  • Submit an application along with the appropriate fee — $75 for the Preschool program, $90 for the Elementary program.
  • Schedule a tour with the Admissions Department.
  • Download and submit to your current school the appropriate teacher recommendation form/student evaluation form depending on your child’s current age, and a Records Release form (Grades 1-6): Student Evaluation Form (Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 1)
    Student Evaluation Form (Grades 2-6)
    Records Release Form (Grades 1-6)
  • Complete online financial aid form if necessary.
  • For Preschool applicants (Toddler, Toddler Transition, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten only) — the admissions team will invite all applicant families to schedule a school visit for children to play or participate in learning centers within small group settings.
  • For Elementary School applicants (Kindergarten-Grade 6 only) — the admissions team will invite all applicant families to schedule a grade-level, one-on-one informal screening in February.
  • Decisions for enrollment and financial assistance are sent from Park Street School on March 10.
  • Deposits are due approximately two to four weeks from receipt of the enrollment decision.
  • Wait pools are kept for each class and utilized as spaces become available.
  • Orientation for students and parents takes place in September before the start of the new school year.