How do most new programs start? In response to a need. Park Street Kids began – the result of more than two years of planning – to meet the need for a new preschool alternative for families in Boston. It was a need not difficult to discern: long waiting lists at nearby programs alone provided convincing evidence that the demand for high-quality preschools far exceeded the supply. A collaborative effort led by a group of mothers at Park Street Church, Park Street Kids, Inc. was officially incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the fall of 1999. Our little school began – dedicated to the moral, spiritual, and educational development of preschool-age children in our community.

Thanks to the generous financial support of Park Street Church and a private donor, we began to renovate our facility located within Park Street Church. We created a safe and innovative learning environment, hired a wonderful staff and assembled a Board of Trustees with wealth of expertise – both educational and professional. With the support of so many, and a willingness to contribute their skills, time and energies, our dream of a nursery school in downtown Boston became a reality. In September of 2000, we opened our doors to the first students. Thirty-six children joined four teachers and a director. Since then, we’ve grown. Our preschool now cares for more than 100 children per year.

Discerning a critical need for a high-quality elementary schooling led to the creation of Park Street School in 2002 – an outgrowth of Park Street Kids. The need for additional elementary schooling alternatives expressed by families residing in downtown Boston has long been known by local officials, civic organizations, and community leaders. The establishment of Park Street School became a concerted effort to respond to this essential need. We also desired to continue to serve the families already committed to our school. Purchasing a school building in our Beacon Hill neighborhood has allowed us to keep our commitment to our community and the surrounding downtown Boston area and to house the school that we envisioned.

For nearly 100 years, the building at 67 Brimmer Street in downtown Boston has been a landmark at the corners of Brimmer and Chestnut Streets. When the state-of-the-art “new fireproof building” opened its doors as The Brimmer School in 1914, it was “designed with special regard to ventilation, lighting, and fire protection” and included a library, gymnasium, stage, and rooftop playground, along with the expected “recitation rooms.” Having been home to several schools and colleges, the building has been well maintained over the past century and stands as a historic symbol of Boston’s rich educational history. Yet the prolific use of new technologies, an increased need for safety and accessibility, and outdated building systems created the need for an extensive renovation and re-allocation of the interior space of the building to fit the needs of today’s school.

In the fall of 2003, Park Street School started with one first grade class housed within the Park Street Kids facilities. In 2004, second grade was added, in addition to the after school program, "Kaleidoscopes." In September of 2005, Park Street School officially opened its Brimmer Street doors for kindergarten through third grade. In the fall of 2011, Park Street School opened an additional campus just down the street on Brimmer at the Church of the Advent, to provide a bright, airy space for its Kindergarten class. Our elementary school now educates almost 200 students through sixth grade.