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From a new PSS Parent’s Perspective … in the midst of a pandemic

When first-year Park Street School (PSS) parent Whitney Cahan, mom to preschooler Carson, was asked to share about her first year’s experience (taking place in the midst of the pandemic), she was quick to respond:

“There’s no contest – the faculty and staff are absolutely our favorite aspect of Park Street School. I wouldn’t say that I’m surprised by this, but I am surprised by the level of love and care provided to us, with such minimal interactions. For example, Ms. Maina knows who I am and that shocked me because I can count on two hands the number of times I have been the one to pick our son up from school. We feel seen and known, even though we’re unable to interact with the PSS community the way we would like to … .

“The standout accomplishment of PSS this year, in addition to loving kids well, has been the school’s ability to create protocols and health standards that have allowed the school to stay open. My husband and I were cautiously optimistic when we enrolled, but also hesitant because this is such new territory for everyone. Park Street School has exceeded our expectations at every turn, continuing to adapt as needed and giving our son a sense of normalcy and a place to go that he loves amidst a very different and difficult life this year. He keeps asking if he can go to school every day!

“Our experience so far of Park Street School has been that we get to see the mission of the school playing out in the life of our son. His first year at Park Street School has grown in him a love of learning, a desire to know what is true, a heart for his classmates, and an increasing understanding of God’s love and grace for him. We see the mission of PSS play out in a million little moments as he shares with us about his day, what he learned, and what his hopes are for the future. We look forward to many more years as a part of the Park Street School community and are thankful for the way the school’s mission is shaping our kids and our family.”

~ Whitney Cahan – mom to preschooler, Carson

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