I got married in 1993. I recall walking the streets of Philadelphia with my then fiancé as we looked in wonder at all the charming city dwellings, thinking aloud, “Wouldn’t it be fun to live someplace like this for a few years?” I never dreamt that would be my reality for what is now over 20 years!

As time has gone on and three of my little ones are now all taller than me, I can joyfully realize the many surprises that have come with our city lifestyle.  The top four are:

  1. Community – the suburbs can be a lonely place.  City playgrounds are 100 times more vibrant than suburban ones, and backyards are overrated and isolating.
  2. Healthy Lifestyle – We walk everywhere and we live among folks who love to be active and eat right. It feels very different in small town suburbia.
  3. Tremendous Educational Opportunities – Boston is the place to live for top educational institutions.  And that means, all schools – including Park Street School/Park Street Kids, have a high bar set in place. It is good for all of us.
  4. Teenage Brain Development – This has been the biggest surprise of all to me. Teenagers are wired to seek out risk and crave independence. Unfortunately, much risky behavior in teens is dangerous and unhealthy (i.e. alcohol and drug use).  It is difficult to seek out positive risk-taking and independence in quiet small towns and suburbs (especially when they need to rely on a ride from mom or dad).  But, in a city like Boston with amazing public transportation, teenagers have an endless array of opportunities. I strongly advocate providing a city living experience for your child’s teen years.  My own children have thrived!

–Laura Perkins, Park Street School Admissions Office, Fall, 2017



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