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Why we love Park Street School …

Why We Love Park Street School!

Our top priorities for choosing a preschool and now having chosen the elementary school were education, community, diversity, communication, and the trust we would have in the school. We desired for our daughter to be cared for by other loving adults, learn to be a kind human, and integrate into the larger community of Boston. There are too many ways in which Park Street School has exemplified these qualities to write them all down. In very simple yet meaningful words, Park Street School has our daughter’s best interests in mind – creating an environment for her to develop both emotionally and academically.

We truly feel our daughter is seen and heard. She is not a number at Park Street School, but her individual interests, learning style, and personality are considered in every aspect on a daily basis.

Our daughter exemplifies a nurturing soul to the core. Park Street School has given her the confidence to share that with all. In just a short amount of time, we have watched our daughter not only learn all of the letters and numbers and short words in preschool but now have an incredible thirst for writing and reading. We have watched the transfer of topics learned in school into the bigger picture of the world. Her curiosity continues to be sparked by the exposure she receives in school. The layers of knowledge continue to grow with every year!

We chose Park Street School as the best fit for our daughter. What surprised us is that along the way is that we, too, have also made fast friends. While we have the utmost confidence in our daughter, her exponential growth, confidence, and maturity, nurtured in partnership with Park Street School, has far surpassed our expectations.

–Jo Moynihan
Park Street School mom

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