Q.Does Park Street Kids follow Boston’s Public School Calendar?
A.Yes, we are on the Boston Public School academic calendar. For more specific information, please visit our Calendar page.

Q.How do I enroll my child in Park Street Kids?
A.You can learn more about our application process and apply on our Admission page.

Q.Does Park Street Kids offer Financial Aid?
A.Financial Assistance is available for Pre-K through Grade 6, with limited availability for Preschool, and based on demonstrated need and available funds. For more information, please see the section on Financial Aid on our Admissions page.

Q.Does the school provide snacks or lunch?
A.Families are to send a snack with their child each day. Children staying for Creative Afternoons should have two (2) snacks and a lunch. Families have the opportunity to sign up and select meals for their students with Smart Lunches, a local organization that will deliver snacks and/or lunch to your child(ren) at school during the day.

Q.Do children nap?
A.Only children who stay for Creative Afternoons will have a rest period after lunch.

Q.Does my child need to be potty-trained?
A.All children (including Toddler Transition) except those entering the Toddler program are strongly encouraged to be potty-trained.

Q.What does it mean to be a “Christian” school?
A.Sharing a great tradition with other local schools – such as Boston Latin, Boston College, and Harvard University – Park Street School and Park Street Kids has been founded and established by Christians seeking to provide an excellent education to Bostonians. Our faith in Jesus Christ is our cornerstone. From that foundation, we seek to provide an environment of acceptance, balance and fairness regarding faith and its questions.

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we nurture each child to achieve his or her full potential and develop an understanding of his or her worth as a unique being created by God. In addition, the formation of Christian character in all students is of utmost importance. Emphasis is placed on compassion, kindness, and respect towards others.

Each month, we have a different theme developed from Christian principles. Teachers lead prayer at morning circle and at snack, and all Park Street Kids attend chapel once a month, a time spent singing and listening to thematic Bible stories told by PSK staff, area pastors or church staff in a fun and engaging way.

Q.Do children take field trips?
A.Yes, in order to take advantage of the rich cultural, historical and educational opportunities of Boston and the surrounding areas, several field trips will be scheduled during the school year.

Q.Do children go outside during school?
A.Since most students are only here until noon, we utilize the gymnasium daily to foster development of various large motor skills. Occasionally, our children play and explore in the Boston Common and Public Garden as weather permits.

Q.Is parental involvement encouraged at Park Street Kids?
A.Yes, the role of parents in a child’s development is both recognized and valued at Park Street Kids. We encourage parents to become involved in their child’s education. Parents are welcome to volunteer in the classroom, to chaperone field trips, help plan class parties, assist with Open Houses, participate in parent-teacher conferences, serve on various committees, and help with special events. Each class will have an appointed classroom parent who will assist with coordinating various school events and activities. Parents are also encouraged to attend scheduled Parent Breakfasts.

Q.Does the school have a Parent Association?
A.Yes! Our school has a Parent Association (PA). The PA’s purpose is to support the stated mission and core values of Park Street School/Park Street Kids on behalf of its parents. The PA works hard to promote a sense of community, help provide a communication tool between the parents and the school’s administration and faculty, and help to organize school-wide events.

Q.How do I find out what's going on in my child's class or in the larger school community?
A.Primarily, parents can access information instantly about their child(ren)’s classroom activities, schedule and plans through our PSS/PSK Parent Portal. Weekly newsletters from classroom teachers, monthly newsletters from specials teachers, Parent Association news and minutes, directory listings, school calendars and photos can be found on our secure site. On the portal, you are able to access family contact information, update emergency contacts or the list of individuals allowed to pick up your child. In addition to seeing class specific information, all school events, notices and policies also live on the portal. In the higher grades at the elementary school, parents are also able to see students’ homework assignments and test dates. In addition, the school sends out an all school newsletter, Schoolroom Notes twice a year, an annual report, and hosts numerous informational events for families.

Q.How do I find out about my child’s progress at school?
A.Classroom teachers send weekly updates about classroom happenings, events and activities, and are available daily by e-mail or by telephone. As well, students are assessed throughout the year. Progress reports are published on the portal three times per year, with parent-teacher conferences for the first and second trimester.

Q.Do you have parking?
A. No, but parking is available on a limited basis at meters nearby, or in the Common Garage and One Beacon Garage. We do offer a drop-off/pick-up system where parents can pull up in their cars in a designated spot and staff members will meet them to escort their children to class.

Q.What will my child learn at Park Street Kids?
A.We offer a content-rich and developmentally-appropriate curriculum at Park Street Kids. Please see the Curriculum page for an overview, and the Park Street Kids Program and Daily Schedule pages for more information. A scope and sequence of our curriculum is available to download.

Q.Who will teach my child at Park Street Kids?
A.Park Street Kids hires qualified teachers who exhibit creativity, energy, and a nurturing spirit. All of our teachers and assistant teachers have at least a Bachelor’s degree and meets or exceeds the requirements laid out by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).

Q.Do you have to attend church to go to Park Street Kids?
A.No, our students come from various religious backgrounds. Some of our families attend church, representing many different denominations, while others don’t attend church at all.

Q.Where do your students come from?
A.Seventy-five percent of our student body comes from the downtown neighborhood, such as Beacon Hill, South End, Back Bay, North End, Charlestown, West End, Chinatown, Leather District, and others come from surrounding neighborhoods/communities.



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