Park Street School is an outgrowth of Park Street Kids, serving children in Kindergarten, and grades one through six. As at our preschool, students are encouraged to explore in the context of a vibrant, content-rich and spiraling curriculum, taking learning and growing to new levels.

Our teachers focus on core subjects, including a reading and math curricula thoughtfully chosen and developed. Early phonics training, immersion in classical literature, an emphasis on writing, and a comprehensive study of history beginning with ancient civilizations in first grade are just a few hallmarks of our school. Students master the basic elements of math through the use of manipulatives, modeling and problem solving, becoming proficient in mathematical reasoning and practical application. From constructing instruments to understand sound, sound waves, their frequencies and intensities, to building and racing derby cars to discover their speed, velocity and friction, with times immediately displayed on the interactive white board, students engage science instruction with hands-on experimentation.

Through art, drama and music, students are challenged to express themselves creatively, while they are introduced to and learn to appreciate musical and visual masterpieces, making connections to periods of history, literary texts and influential thought. In the lab, students explore the wonders of science while practicing scientific method. In our spacious gymnasium, students stretch, develop and synchronize their bodies and minds by developing skills, sportsmanship and coordination.

Because children learn by experiencing, interacting, observing and communicating, our teachers employ innovative teaching techniques using state-of-the-art technology, creative discovery opportunities in diverse educational settings, and unique forums to hone both written compositional skills as well as presentation and public speaking skills. Our teachers devote their attention to developing activities that illustrate and expand on topics. With their curiosity piqued, our students are eager to learn more.